About us

We are a local market consulting company in China

We are a local market consulting company in China. And as you know, China is a rapidly developing country, which with 1.4 billion people. If you don’t want to miss such a huge market with tremendous potiential and strong resilience, we can provide you with the necessary support and services.

We aim to enable foreign enterprises a smooth and successful entry into China.

Focused on Growing Brands in China

We help you grow your business in China and get closer to your Chinese customers

Our services

Start Your China Business With An Experienced Representative

Chinese Website Building

Chinese Website Building

WE Build Websites That Works in China

We will make sure your website can work in China, Chinese user friendly, fully localized.

China Virtual Assistants

China Virtual Assistants

It is especially cost-efficient in your entry stage in China.

Get most of your jobs done in China with a top-notch China Virtual Assistant.

China Company Verification

We Verify Chinese Companies.

Get the information you need to do safer, better business.

China Sourcing Agent

We work as your own sourcing office in China.

If you import from China, direct sourcing through a reliable China sourcing agent is your best choice.

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